Sunday, 9 December 2018

Week 10

 Monday- Dance Party. Students come to school in free dress ,party type clothes. Students will come on the bus and meet parents at Camp Wattle Grove for a 1:30 start. At the end of the event children are not permitted to go home with parents from the venue, they must return back to school on the bus.

Wednesday - class party and students last day of school for 2018. Regular school uniform to be worn. Each child needs to bring a plate of food to be shared either savoury or sweet. If you have not yet specified what food you will bring please consider providing savoury food such as sushi , nuggets, sausage rolls , as we have lots of sweet food coming in. No additional morning tea or lunch needs to we packed on Wednesday.

Thursday, 29 November 2018

reminders for end of year

Kids Sitting on Books

Returns The end of the year is fast approaching and all the Kindergarten students are finishing off their programs. All sight word folders, brain boxes, library books and home reading books are due back Monday 3/12/18.

We are sending home a phonics continuum with the sounds and words the students know. It is very important to continue to revise these over the holidays so they maintain their knowledge and recall over the 6 week holidays. This knowledge will be tested in the Pre Primary early in term 1.

Dance party

The end of the year Dance Party for the Kindergarten students will be on Monday the 10th of December at Camp Wattle Grove starting at 1.30 and finishes at 2.30. The blue students need to pay $2.50 to cover the cost of the bus. The tickets for families are free however you need to let us know how many tickets you require for numbers. The Blue group students will be going on the bus with teachers and meeting their parents and family members at the venue. The blue group will return to school on the bus with the teachers, they can NOT be signed out at the venue.

Reusable bag/ plastic bag
We would appreciate if all students could bring a large bag (ie a shopping bag), clearly labelled with their name. We will fill these with their books and items from the room to return to you.

Birthday Boy with Confetti

End of Year Kindergarten Celebration - Blue

Our class party is on Wednesday 12th December 2018 starting at 12:30pm.  Each child needs to bring a plate of food to share. If you are bringing hot food, please bring it warmed to the classroom, at 12:15am. Please write your child's name next to your food preference on the noticeboard located outside the classroom. Children do not need to bring regular morning tea or  lunch on this day.

Wednesday, 21 November 2018

dancing lessons

It has been great fun and good exercise learning some new dances. We can't wait to show all the parents at the upcoming dance party. This event will be held on Monday 10th December. Further information will be sent home with the details for the dance event.

Sunday, 21 October 2018

science term 4

Over the past 2 weeks we have been engaging in some fun science discovery. We will continue to further our learning and observations throughout the term.
Biological sciences- Living things have basic needs, including food and water
Growing beans. The children made a green house and planted some beans in them. We discussed the needs of our beans( living things ). The children had great general knowledge on this topic and were able to tell me that plants need ; sun, water & soil. This excitement of growing beans was heightened by reading and putting on a puppet show of Jack and the Beanstalk.
Puppet play of jack and the beanstalk

Chemical sciences - Objects are made of materials that have observable properties
Making an egg holder
For this experiment the children had to work as a team to make an egg holder that would stop the egg from cracking when dropped from a height. We discussed what materials would be suitable to use and why. Ie foam, sponges, tissues because these are soft. The children have finished their egg holders and will put them to the test this week. Hopefully not too many cracked eggs.

I wonder what will happen if I drop the egg on the soft cushions? Phew.

I wonder what will happen if I drop the egg on a hard chair.....Oh no

Choosing some materials to make an egg holder

This feels soft, it will be good for out egg holder.

Working as a team to construct our egg holder.

week 3

Literacy- The letter focus for this week is the letter Vv. Vase starts with VVV. What other words can your chid think of that starts with v. We will also be focusing on the sight word 'to'.  In the coming weeks teachers will be assessing many of the concepts taught this year, this includes sight words, letter recognition, rhyming, sounding out and reading 3 letter words. The children have done an amazing job at learning so many tricky concepts and we are super proud of their efforts.
Numeracy- This week we will be focusing on creating and completing patterns. Patterns can be made from many materials found around the house, i.e. fork spoon fork spoon , fork. 
No hat no play- Our school has a no hat no play policy, especially as the weather is warming up. Please ensure your child has a hat each day that is clearly labelled with their name.
There have been a number of toys coming into school from home. We ask children to please leave these at home, as we would hate for them to get lost or broken at school.
Art show- Tuesday 23rd 4:30-6:30. The year 1-6 will be involved in the art show. Though the kindergarten children are not directly involved you may wish to come along to see some of the fabulous artistic displays.
have a great week

Tuesday, 16 October 2018

week 1 and 2

It’s going to be a busy yet exciting term with many extra activities. There are dancing lessons taking place for the end of year dance party as well as transitions, an Arts Festival, and of course the end of year assessments and reports!

Literacy - Week 1 we  learnt the letter Jj as in jam, jet, jog. Week 2 the focus letter will be the end sound Xx as in Max, box, fix etc. There is also a focus on CVC words , these could be practised with your child at home . Each sound is segmented individually and then blended together to make the word e.g. j-e-t = jet.

Numeracy - The number of the week is 16. We are extending the students with the numbers in the ‘teens’ but our main focus still remains numbers 1-10. Please practise counting, identifying and writing these numbers every day.

Arts show - A letter was sent home last week regarding the art show being held on Tuesday 23rd October. This event will showcase the year 1-6 children's work in the arts domain. The Kindergarten children will not be displaying their art work. However you may wish to come along and view the creative works of the older children.  

Show and Tell - This term the students are asked to bring in an item or photo that relates to a family cultural celebration. Further instructions will be sent home in your child’s document wallet, a week prior to their news day. It is important to prepare your child by practising the information they will be presenting and encourage them to speak loudly, clearly and in sentences.

Parent help- Our term 4 parent help roster is up on the whiteboard. We would love for any helpers, mums, dads or grandparents to come along and have some fun with us in class. Please write your name on the roster.
The kindergarten children are not directly involved in this event and will not have their work displayed. You may however, like to come along to the evening to view the wonderful talents we have in our school.

Show and Tell - This term the students are asked to bring in an item or photo that relates to a family cultural celebration. Further instructions will be sent home in your child’s document wallet, a week prior to their news day. It is important to prepare your child by practising the information they will be presenting and encourage them to speak loudly, clearly and in sentences. Parents are welcome to come in and share additional information is they wish. Please speak with the teachers and feel free to write your name on the Parent Roster, (displayed on the front door of the classroom) on the same day as your child’s news day. Thank you for your co-operation.

Sunday, 16 September 2018

Week 10

Term 3 has flown by! The students have all worked extremely hard and made significant gains with their learning. We have participated in some fun incursions with visits from St Johns Ambulance to learn about First Aid and Life Education where we learnt about the importance of a safe and healthy lifestyle.  We have also celebrated some important occasions including Science Week, Wattle Day, Book Week, Sports Carnival and Fathers Day. As well as our fantastic efforts with our assembly last week.

This week we are learning about the sound Yy….as in yellow…yo-yo….and yacht. Please look around your home and bring in an item starting with Yy for your child to share with the class.
Learning Journey
We hope you enjoy participating in the Learning Journey with your child this week.  Blue Groups Learning Journey will take place on Monday the 17th of September 2.30pm-3.30pm  The students and teachers are very excited to show parents and caregivers some of the activities we participate in at school.
After the Learning Journey, please take home your child’s A3 Kindergarten Portfolio. Take some time look over the work inside with your child and talk to them about their learning. Please complete the Two Stars and a Wish page, your child can colour-in the top part of the page, before returning to school in week one of Term 4.